Beach Wedding Party Favors Ideas

If you want to want to make your maritime wedding theme even more evident, we recommend you to opt for some beach wedding party favors that can help you regarding this matter. Furthermore, choosing some practical and nice summer wedding favors will bring lots of smiles upon your guests’ faces, so don’t hesitate to choose fun elements that you could use to achieve your goal.

  • Personalized seashell candle favors

For a romantic seaside celebration, we recommend you to use seashell candle favors. They can provide a magical atmosphere, especially if you ask your guests to light them up during your wedding dance. Imagine what a romantic vibe they will add to that special moment. You can complete these wedding favors with a personalized tag that must include the couple’s name and maybe a special thought for them.

  • Carved wooden hand fans

If you want your guests to really enjoy your special day, you must try to provide them all they need in order to be comfortable. Keeping in mind that your wedding takes place during the summer, we advise you to offer them hand fans as beach wedding party favors. That way you will keep them cool even if you opted for an outdoor wedding party. You can customize these perfect accessories with some colorful ribbons, or you can choose coral hand fan with an abstract print of red coral or any other sea element.

  • Chocolate treats

Chocolate is always a good idea when it comes to surprising the ones you love. There are many designs that you can choose from, so you can opt for the one that matches your wedding theme the most. Starfish wrapped chocolate with a personalized name tag and funny messages for the guests will definitely make your event more delightful. However, remember to choose a high quality chocolate in order to obtain the best results.

Sand and shell bottle stoppers

Bottle stoppers represent a great idea for beach wedding party favors. You can opt between many models, but we recommend you to choose something that can match your wedding theme. Bottle stoppers filled with sand and small shells are practical wedding favors, as your guests can actually use them after the wedding is over. So, try to focus on offering your guests useful wedding favors, because they are more appreciated than the decorative ones. After all, there is no point in spending money on something that nobody will use after the wedding.