Bridal Beauty Secrets

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. The easiest way of looking your best is to plan your beauty sessions as early as possible and to stick to them – especially if you want to lose those extra few pounds or if you want to make your skin shine. The following tips will give you some ideas on how to look great on your wedding day.

Exercise and stick to a routine

Exercise will improve your physique, will tone your body and will give you the vitality you need to overcome any stressful activities. If you do not exercise regularly you should at least start a fitness program, eight or twelve weeks before the wedding. The fitness program should fit with your lifestyle. It is also better to choose the exercises that you like, than to stick with some which seem unpleasant. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to ask a friend to help you. Any aerobic activity, such as walking, running, cycling or swimming will help you stay in shape.

Take care of your face and nails

In order to look beautiful on your wedding day, you should start a series of facial treatments and other beauty treatments. A beautician will be able to advise you on what treatment is best for you. Most brides prefer to use a face mask once a month. However, it is a good idea to use a mask a few days before the wedding.

Remember that your hands will be the most photographed parts of the wedding day. If your nails do not look as they should, you could use some nail care. Most brides choose for their wedding day a transparent top coat or a simple French manicure for a healthy and natural look that fits any dress and never gets old. It is good to have your nails done a day before the wedding to avoid ruining the dress.

Shampoo and hair dye

Shampooing your hair once or twice a week is enough, especially if it is not very dirty. To not waste shampoo, first dilute the quantity required in a little water (it will spread easier throughout your hair). Do not ignore the shampoo or conditioner samples found in magazines or made available in hotels, but use them first at home! If you have dyed hair, choose special shampoos and conditioners. They protect the color, significantly increasing the interval between the times you must color your hair, so in the end you end up spending less money. If you plan on dying your hair, we advise you to do it at least 2 weeks before the wedding, so you can adjust if your fun hair color ideas don’t turn out the way you planed. Moreover, it is best if you keep your rebel instincts in check before the wedding. Instead of focusing on fun hair color ideas, choose a classic shade as natural hair colors are better suited for the bridal look.

Body Creams

There is no point in spending money on skin scrubbing products. If you want to remove dead cells, you can borrow some granulated sugar and coarse salt from your pantry. Mix two tablespoons of sugar or salt and a tablespoon of oil (almond or olive oil) and get ready to scrub! For massage, use a sponge bath. Olive oil can be successfully use as a body lotion, especially if you have very dry skin. If you struggle with cellulite, a cellulite lotion can be quite expensive. There’s a natural alternative that every woman has in her home: coffee! Massage the affected areas with a rough towel soaked in strong coffee daily. Then wrap the massaged area with plastic foil and wait a few minutes before taking a shower.

Take good care of your lashes and eyebrows

If mother nature hasn’t endowed you with long eyelashes, read the best eyelash growth serum reviews and choose a product which will naturally enhance your eyelashes. A serum will help your eyelashes become much longer and stronger. Before investing in a good eyelash growth serum, do some research online and read the best eyelash growth serum reviews so that you can learn about the benefits and (eventual) side-effects of a serum for lashes. Once you’ve found a suitable one, follow its instructions and wait for the results to appear.

If your eyebrows are not as well defined as they should be, the whole makeup will not look good. Depending on the shape of your face, opt for arched eyebrows or round eyebrows, so your eyes will look bigger. But unless you know exactly what form your eyebrows should have, let them grow for approximately 2 months before the wedding day and consult a specialist to give them the perfect shape.