Cheap Wedding Party Favors that Your Guests Will Actually Want

When it comes to wedding favors, a lot of young couples choose symbolic decorations. As cute as these souvenirs may look at first, they are actually quite pointless and most people end up throwing them away. As such, you are better off choosing cheap wedding party favors. However, just because something is cheap, doesn’t necessarily mean that it also has to look cheap or be completely pointless. In this article, we have gathered some affordable wedding favors that most guests will actually enjoy and use.

  • Jarred goodies

As most people have a soft spot for sweets, they really appreciate sweet wedding favors, especially the ones that you don’t eat in just one bite. The list of jarred goodies which can be used as wedding favors includes honey, jam, peanut butter and even miniature pies. These goodies are not only delicious but are the best choice when it comes to cheap wedding party favors.  Furthermore, they can be prepared with minimum effort. Jam and honey can even be prepared a month or two before the big event. All you have to do is pour the jam or the honey in some small jars and decorate the jars according to your wedding theme. Retro labels are the very popular and they look great on small jars and you can also use vintage paper in order to cover up the top of the jars. This is a very good idea when you’re planning a wedding on a budget, but it can also fire up your creativity, helping you end up with a much more original and memorable wedding.

  • Homemade beauty products

Mass produced wedding souvenirs are very impersonal and they are the most comfortable choice for most lazy or busy people. Nevertheless, if you have some time on your hands, you might want to consider making your own wedding favors. Homemade beauty products are an excellent choice for this purpose. The fact that they are done by the young couple adds a personal touch to the gifts which will be very appreciated by the guests. At home, you can prepare various beauty products such as lip balm, face cream or body scrubs and so on. The downside to this idea is that it is only suited for female guests and you will have to come up with a different idea for your male guests.

  • Green gifts

As pollution is becoming quite a serious problem, more and more people are learning to appreciate nature and they try to integrate it into their lives. In order to impress your guests, you might want to give them some plant sprouts. Plant sprouts make for excellent cheap wedding party favors as you can take them from your own garden or you can pay a small amount of money in order to buy them. You can put the sprouts in jars filled with soil and label them with the name of the guests in order to also use them as place cards. You can also give the guests envelopes with plant seeds and write a cute message on them such as “Spread the Love”.