DIY Beach Wedding Favors

The wedding favors are basically souvenirs that you give to your guests in order for them to remember your wedding. Most people forget this basic concept of the wedding favors and often choose, cheap, decorative elements which don’t represent the bride and groom in any way. Although, wedding favors don’t need to be expensive in order to symbolize the wedding, you do need to put some thought into them. Today, we will give you a few ideas for simple DIY beach wedding favors. The fact that you will be making these favors yourself, you will make them more valuable and it will increase their symbolism.

  • Decorated rocks

Rocks may not seem like the best choice for beach wedding favors. However, if you are skilled with a paint brush and you decorate them properly, they can look very cute and stylish. Furthermore, instead of painting them, you could write a short message on them. You can write a general wedding message on all of the stones, such as “thank you for attending our special day”, or you can write a personalized message for each guest.

  • Seashell candles

Making candles is a very simple and fun DIY project. Seashell candles are probably the most popular beach wedding themes. However, if you feel like this idea is overused, you can improvise and design special candles. For example, you can paint the seashells gold or silver and use red wax instead of the classic blue wax which is used for this type of candles. Thus, you can create a sophisticated decoration that your guests can make good use of. You can even attach a small thank you card onto the seashell.

  • Bottled Message

If you want to give your guests not only a souvenir, but also a few words from the heart, you might want to consider some bottled messages as wedding favors. All you have to do is buy some miniature bottles, write inspiring messages on aged paper, roll the papers and stick them in the miniature bottles. You can also add some sand in the bottle in order to make it look more authentic and if you want to make it even prettier, you can use colored dust instead of sand.

These are but a few of the many DIY ideas that you can use in order to create beach wedding favors. As a general advice, the most special favors are those containing romantic messages or personalized thank you cards.