Edible Wedding Favors

When considering various ideas for wedding favors, most people prefer the ones which can be kept as souvenirs as they want the guests to remember their wedding for many years to come. Nevertheless, if you think about it, how many decorative wedding favors did you actually keep. After a while, when we gather a lot of favors, we tend to throw even the ones we received at the weddings of close friends or family members. This is due to the fact that wedding favors don’t really have a purpose around the house so they ultimately become useless souvenirs that we throw at the bottom of a drawer. Therefore, it is best if you avoid decorative souvenirs and focus on cheap wedding favors which are cheaper and more appreciated than souvenirs. Today we will give you some cute ideas for delicious wedding favors.

  • Popcorn or caramel corn

With a little creativity, even basic snacks such as popcorn can turn into funny, edible wedding favors. For example, you can give your guests a miniature popcorn bag inscribed with the following message: “I finally popped the question”. While this idea is best suited for a wedding shower or an engagement party, it can also work for a wedding.

  • Yummy jars

Retro jars with vintage labels can make for great wedding favors, especially if you will fill them up with honey or a delicious jam. On the label, you can write cute messages such as: “Love is sweet”, “Spread the love”, “Jam packed with love” or “Meant to bee”.

  • Fruits

Apples and cherries may seem like a less inspired wedding favor idea, but with the right package and the perfect message, fruits can make for excellent, edible wedding favors. Cherries look particularly good, especially when they are packaged in cute, retro, paper boxes. Strawberries can also make for great favors when they are packaged in miniature picnic baskets. As we already said, with the right message, any fruit can be a great favor. We found the following messages to be very inspiring: “You’re the apple of my eye”, “We make a perfect pear”, “I’m going bananas over you.

  • Pie

Candy and cookies are the most popular ideas for edible wedding favors. However, if you truly want to impress your guests, you might want to switch cookies for pies. Of course, you can give each guests a normal sized pie, but you can give them miniature pies or Popsicle pies.