Frosted and Glittery Winter Wedding Favors

The wedding has always been and still is one of the most complex ceremonies and celebrations in each culture on our globe. In fact, the Western type of wedding as we know it is even far less complex than Asian weddings, for example, where the actual religious marriage ceremony can last for hours, during which a great number of events unfold. Still, no matter where you’re from, all weddings are beautiful, whether luxuriously rich or modestly endearing. And no matter what type of wedding you wish to have, you need to pay attention to a small, but important detail: the wedding favors. An interesting theme for these mementos is winter, so if your wedding is planned for this season, we’ve come up with a few ideas that will inspire you.

For most winter weddings, the themes revolve around snow, ice, and colors like white and blue; glitter and frosting must not be omitted, because they help you create a magical atmosphere. But Christmas is another theme you could use, without making too much reference to Santa Claus; for instance, your winter wedding favors could consist of lovely tree ornaments – they could all be the same shape and color, or they could be different from each other, so each of your guests feels special and cared for. Choosing diversity for your tree ornament favors is ideal if you plan on making them yourself; just choose the ones you like from a Christmas shop, tie ribbons to each of them, attach messages, or even use them as holders for place cards.

However, you can also purchase ready-made winter wedding favors, and you’ll find ones exactly like your tree ornaments – this will allow you to make them all the same. If you like this idea, you could also consider offering sweets shaped like tree ornaments; as you can see in one of the photos here, you can use glazed apples on a stick, but with a twist: instead of caramel, bathe them in fondant and decorate little snowflakes on them. But you can build the edible ornaments out of other things as well, such as gingerbread or other cakes.

Finally, one of the loveliest and most adorable ideas for winter wedding favors that we’ve stumbled across lately is making your own snow globes out of jars. The great thing is you don’t have to decorate them with Santa Clauses or reindeer, but add any other motifs you like and have access to; then, you just add the water, glitter and fake snow (which you will find at the Christmas store) and make sure the jars as well sealed, so they can be toppled over. Indeed, this idea is as difficult as it is beautiful, but if you want to offer your guests something that will impress them and that will remind them of your union for a long time to come, this is one of your safest bets.