How to Achieve Creative Wedding Favors

In order to offer your guests creative wedding favors, you must use your imagination and realize some of the most interesting gifts. Choosing to make your wedding favors by yourself will help you add some of your personality to these presents. Furthermore, your friends and family will be able to see more of your artistic skills, and you can be confident that they will appreciate your interest.

However, if you want to use wedding favors that can match the wedding theme, we recommend you to choose carefully between appropriate types of models, and pay some extra attention to the colors that you are going to use.

Candy bottles

You can get creative when it comes to offering your beloved ones a special treat. Therefore, we recommend you to forget about the organza bag that is usually used in weddings, and choose little cute jars or bottles instead. All you have to do in order to create the perfect wedding favors is to buy some delicious candies which you must use to fill the bottles. Moreover, depending on the wedding theme, you can choose candies that can match the colors of the theme. Our advice is to buy three different types of colorful candies, and use them to create a special pattern when you fill the small bottles.

Customized portraits

If you want to really surprise your guests, you can ask for a professional’s services in order to realize some draws which must represent the portrait of each one of your friends. You can wrap the portraits in special packages and add personalized labels or ribbons to each one of them. Imagine how pleased your guests will be to open their gifts and find a portrait of them inside. You can be confident that they will appreciate your efforts, and they will keep these creative wedding favors for as long as they can. So, you won’t have to worry that you invested money in things that they are going to throw away when the wedding is over.

Tree saplings

Offering potted plants to the people who witnessed your marriage is one of the best creative wedding favors ideas that you can use. Instead of giving them something that they probably won’t use, you can give them a chance to have their own wildflowers, or their own fruit trees. So, flower seeds and tree samplings represent great wedding favors that can turn into something beautiful.