How to Create Practical Wedding Favors

Deciding to offer practical wedding favors to your guests is the best way to show them that you put some thoughts into your choice. After all, let’s be honest. Nobody wants to go home with a decorative element that only has the ability to gather dust. Furthermore, you can be confident that some of your guests will throw these trinkets away the next day. So, you need to focus on offering them gifts that they can value and keep as a nice memory from your special day.

  • The importance of wedding favors

Wedding favors represent gifts that you offer to your guests in order to show them your appreciation for attending your big day. Everyone who is there to be a witness to your wedding day deserves a special attention for supporting you through your special day. So, you must find a way to thank them by offering them personalized, or practical wedding favors. That way you can add some of your personality in this tradition, and you can be confident that all your friends and relatives will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

  • Delicious wedding favors

All you need in order to offer your guests a special treat is an appropriate number of small bottles, olive oil and fresh herbs. You don’t have to worry about not having enough time to make the favors yourself, because this procedure is very simple. All you have to do is wash the herbs, and add the olive oil and a few springs or leaves into each bottle.

Personalized labels with a special message for each couple will enhance the way the favors look. However, if you want to obtain the best results, you need to finish this project about two weeks before the wedding, because that way the herbs will have enough time to add plenty of flavor to the oil.

Vanilla extracts favors represent some of the most practical wedding favors ideas. Everybody uses vanilla in their kitchen, so you can be sure that your guests will definitely use their favors. Therefore, try to make a yummy potion by mixing vanilla beans with alcohol like rum, brandy, white tequila or vodka. Pour the result into little bottles, and place the bottles somewhere where doesn’t get too much light.

  • Offering flowers as a wedding favors

Another great idea would be to give your guests spring bulbs which they can plant in their garden. Our advice is to pot them in a small container in order to show your friends that they can also place the flowers at their windows. So, they won’t worry about doing too much gardening.