Inexpensive Wedding Favors

The wedding favors are one of the few wedding details that do not revolve around the bride and groom but around the guests. It is important to give your guests a souvenir which they can keep in order to remember this wonderful event. However, unless you have a small, family and friends wedding, most of the guests will be mere acquaintances and distanced family members which are unlikely to keep the wedding favor for many years to come. As such, it would be quite wasteful to spend a lot of money on favors that people will soon forget about. In this article, we have gathered some ideas for pretty yet inexpensive wedding favors.

  • Candy

Candy is the most popular choice when it comes to inexpensive wedding favors. However, in order for candy to quality as a proper wedding favor, it needs to be wrapped nicely. The image presented above features just a few of the countless ways in which you can wrap candy for a wedding. The cheapest wrapping idea is the homemade paper cone. All you have to do is purchase some colored paper and fold it into a cone. Place the candy in the cone and secure it with either a pin or a small button. For a personal touch, you can decorate the cone with buttons, beads and any other craft scraps that you have around the house. You can also order special paper boxes. Keep in mind that it is best if the wedding favors match the theme of the wedding. For example, if you have a rustic theme, you could wrap the candy in rustic linen.

  • Cookies

Since few people can say no to sweets, it is no wonder that most inexpensive wedding favors feature some sorts of sweets. As we already covered candy, it is time to move on to cookies. Heart shape cookies are often used as wedding favors, but we particularly like the puzzle heart idea. The metal cookie shape is very cheap and it can easily be found in online stores. Once you have the shape, making the cookies is a piece of cake. However, if you are not very skilled with homemade cookies, you can give your guests a jar with ingredients so that they can make their own cookies.

  • Funny wedding favors

If you are not much of a sweet tooth and you prefer some funny wedding favors, we have some great suggestions for you. Personalized match boxes inscribed with the bride and groom’s name and the “it’s a match title” are great for bringing a smile on your guests face. Tic Tac boxes can also be personalized and gifted as wedding favors. You can inscribe them with messages such as “Mint to be” or “Our hearts Tic Tac together”. You can also give your guests bags of flower seeds printed with romantic messages such as: “Just as this seed, out love was once weak but with time, it became a force of nature”. You can also give them Forget Me Not seeds and symbolically write the name of the flower on the seed envelope. Last but not least, if you plan on partying until dawn, you can give your guests a hangover recovery kit containing a couple of aspirins.