Inspiration for Spectacular Summer Wedding Favors

For a large number of people, there are few days in their lives which they consider just as important as the wedding day; this wonderful ceremony of uniting your life and soul with someone else, out of love and friendship, can only be matched by events like the birth of a child, or buying your own house. These are moments that define us, that structure our lives, and we have maintained traditions like the wedding or a child’s baptism precisely because they give us a feeling of continuity and renewed life. Thus, it is understandable why we go to so much trouble to make a wedding day perfect, planning it months ahead in every little detail, from choosing an ideal venue to setting out the flowers and wedding favors. Speaking of wedding favors, these little mementos that you take home after each wedding are quite significant as well.

Thus, the concept of wedding favors is found almost throughout the world, in different cultures and even religions; these souvenirs are offered by the bride and groom as a sign of gratefulness and appreciation for the guests attending the wedding, symbolize their union and are meant to remind everyone of it for some time to come. As little a detail as it may seem, there is a whole culture surrounding the favors, and you can use basically anything to inspire you to create unique wedding favors. And because summer is almost here, and the wedding season with it, we thought of giving you a few ideas for summer wedding favors; first of all, if you’re going to have an outdoor wedding, you should avoid perishable favors, such as sweets, candles or jam jars, because the heat might ruin them before the party is over. However, if you know that the weather shouldn’t be an issue, these three are actually great examples and ideas of summer wedding favors.

As you can see in the first photo, the summer wedding favors can consist of a small box of hard candies, with a lovely flower on top; just to make things simpler and cheaper, avoid real flowers for the favors. Similarly, offering a candle with a lovely message, or some sweet homemade jam, stand to be really impressive and endearing summer wedding favors. You could also consider the theme of your wedding when planning out the favors; if the theme you chose is beach-related, you can offer shells, or cute arrangements of shells, small bottles filled with a love message, or fake pearl bracelets for the ladies.

For those who lack the time to make up their own summer wedding favors, there is an overflow of bridal shops offering a wide array symbols and mementos that may fit your wedding theme perfectly. But if you want this wedding to be yours as much as possible, and are good with your hands, offer your guests a unique experience and present them with something meaningful. If not, a simple pot of grass looks jolly enough, it represents life and vitality, and everyone will love it.