Interesting Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

When you are planning your wedding, you have to calculate every cent you spend. There are a lot of expenses that you need to take care of, so we advise you to try to save money on things that are not that important. For example, most of your guests don’t pay too much attention to their wedding invitations. Moreover, you can be confident that they will throw them away right after they have read the information that they were interested in. There are also many homemade wedding favor ideas that you can use in order to save some money.

If you have figured everything out for your wedding, but you still have to decide on your wedding favors, we recommend you to surprise your guests by doing the presents that you are going to offer them by yourself. It is very easy to enter a specialized shop and buy everything you need for your special day, but imagine how nice it would be to offer personalized gifts to your friends and family. Here are the best homemade wedding favor ideas that you can use to achieve your goal:

1. Regional treats
If you decided to host your wedding in your hometown, you can offer your guests the chance to get to know you better by giving them a taste of your childhood. Offering them a regional favorite will give them the opportunity to taste something that they have never tasted before, so you can be confident that they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
All you have to do is wrap the goodies in a regular container and attach a symbolic tag. The result would have a bigger impact if you would add a tag made from a real map with the name of your hometown. That way, your guests will notice the fact that you have tried your best to impress them.

2. Eco-friendly gifts
Instead of investing money in things that can only gather dust in your guests’ homes, you should focus on offering them something that they can use even after the wedding is over. Simple succulents are one of the best homemade wedding favor ideas. They look very pretty in their small containers, and they represent the best way to make sure that your relatives and friends will remember your wedding day for a long period of time.

3. Olive oil bottles

Everyone uses olive oil in their kitchens, so try to prepare some special wedding favors which implies buying small bottles and filling them with fresh herbs and olive oil. You can be confident that your friends will be very grateful for these gifts when they will use them to prepare tasty salads.