Personalized Wedding Favors

Most people who plan a wedding, lack the time or the budget to give proper attention to the small details. As such, most young couples choose generic, mass produced wedding favors which most guests end up throwing away. Although wedding favors are supposed to be symbolic, the definition of symbolic is quite relative in the wedding field. The wedding favors should symbolize the union of a specific couple and not just weddings in general. As such, in order to give your guests meaningful gifts, you might want to consider personalized wedding favors. Today, we will give you a few tips in order to help you choose the best such favors.

  • What type of favors can you personalize?

As the wedding industry is so developed, nowadays, you can personalize any item and use it as a wedding favor. So far, the most peculiar personalized wedding favors that we have seen included inscribed spoons and forks, cheese plates, salt and paper shakers, cheese graters, wine bottle caps, luggage labels and so on. If you attach a cute message to it, any small item can be used as a wedding favor. For example, the mini cheese graters that are used as favors are inscribed with the “A grate love” message.

  • Cheap ways to personalize wedding favors

The cheapest way to personalize wedding favors is to attach labels with the bride and groom’s name as well as cute messages. All you have to do is buy some hard, colored paper and print the names and the message on it and then cut the labels according to your desire. Next, you use either string or a ribbon in order to attach the labels to each wedding party favor. On the internet, you can also find a lot of label templates, and the only thing that you have to do is fill in the desired message, print them and cut them. If you want a more durable personalization, you might want to print the labels on stickers which you can stick directly on the wedding favors instead of attaching them with a ribbon or a string.

  • Guest personalized wedding favors

Most people who want personalized favors, choose to inscribe them with the bride and groom’s name or with a picture of the young couple. However, you can also inscribe them with the name of each guest. This will demand more effort on your part, but it will also help you save some money as you will be able to give the favors a dual purpose: gifts and a place cards. Furthermore, this idea will also make the guests feel more special.