Summer Wedding Party Favor Ideas

If your wedding will take place during the summer, you might as well choose summer as your main wedding theme. This will add a touch of holiday spirit to the overall event. Furthermore, if you choose to have an outdoor party, there are countless original ideas that you can use in order to turn a summer wedding into an unforgettable event. Today, we will present you with a few summer wedding party favor ideas which are great for outdoor weddings.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most original summer wedding party favor ideas. They work great for beach weddings, but they can also work for other outdoor weddings. In order to make these wedding favors even more special, you could inscribe their temples with the bride and groom’s name as well as the date of the wedding.

  • Lemonade

An outdoor summer wedding would be incomplete without serving some lemonade. However, if you purchase some small bottles and some vintage labels, you can even use lemonade as a wedding favor. In order to make this idea even more special, you could use a vintage lemonade stand, with a sign which encourages people to take a bottle as a wedding favor. The lemonade label could be inscribed with a cute message, advertising the beverage as the bride’s special lemonade.

  • Bubble makers

As summer is often associated with joy and laughter, why not give your guests some fun gifts. Bubble makers can be great summer wedding party favor ideas. They will appeal to the children, but they will also engage the adults in a fun, trouble-free activity.

  • Hand fans

As nice as the summer weather can be, it can also be very exhausting, especially when you have to spend a whole day outdoors. In order to make sure that none of your guests will faint due to excessive heat, you could give them some colorful hand fans. Inscribe the fans with the bride and groom’s name and they will make for great wedding favors.

  • Lip balm

This seemingly normal item can make for a great wedding favor, especially if you are planning a beach wedding. As it is very unlikely for your guests to carry lip balm in their purses or their pockets, they will appreciate your thoughts and they will make good use of the wedding favors. This idea is even more special if you prepare homemade lip balm and you wrap it in cute round boxes, labeled with a funny or a romantic wedding message.