Top Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

The honeymoon can be an endless source of precious memories for lovers, a great opportunity to spend incredible moments with your loved one in a gorgeous setting. If you are a newly wed looking for perfect honeymoon destinations, Europe can offer you the best wedding gift with its wonderful places. Choose one of the following destinations for your honeymoon and you will have plenty of thoughts to share when you get back.


Imagine a tropical island, with foamy waves that hit the sandy shore, the sun reflected in the clear water of the sea and smoky volcanoes in the distance. Add to this landscape the hills covered by lush vegetation, that harbor on their heights the ruins of ancient buildings. Furthermore, you will just have to guess the rich taste of seafood, pasta, wines and desserts that you can try in Sicily.


Beautiful views, lovely architecture and dozens of centers of interest, such as Tower of Pisa, but also Renaissance art that has stood in Florence, these are only some of the things Tuscany has to offer. Once you ignore the English pronunciation that spoils the beautiful Italian names, you will assess the information provided. Do not forget about the rich cuisine of the area and if you choose to visit Tuscany, you must not refuse any craving in terms of specialties.


Santorini will charm you with its unique landscapes. Choose to spend your honeymoon in a magical place, strolling through buildings drawn in a unique contrast created by the pure white walls and the dark blue roofs. The black sand beaches of Kamari or Perissa and the turquoise Aegean Sea water will offer unique poses for the honeymoon photo album.


When you think of romance and couples in love, you inevitably think of Venice. A city as full of history and charm as Venice can not help but draw you into its nets and make you feel the love floating in the air, under the low bridges. The winding streets, the bridges, the gondolas, the lights and the masks, they all create a love story atmosphere that you can not want to miss.


Who has not dreamed to go to Paris, to take pictures at the Eiffel Tower, to reach its top and be passionately kissed by their newly-spouse, to walk on the Champs Elysee and taste vaunted French wines? All these arguments make Paris the most desired honeymoon destination.

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