Top Three Best Indian Wedding Favors

If you have decided to opt for an Indian wedding theme for your special day, you can be confident that you will have one of the most beautiful weddings. According to the Indian culture, weddings should be as colorful as possible, and they must express lots of cheerfulness and joy. Therefore, you must focus on finding elements that can enhance your big day. Indian wedding favors represent a great way to highlight your wedding theme, so find out which are the ones that can meet your expectations.

We have prepared some Indian wedding favors ideas that can help you decide easier on the type of gifts that you want to offer to your guests.

Good luck wooden elephants

Wedding favors represent a way to show your guests that you appreciate the support which they offer you during your big day. Therefore, you must offer your friends and relatives meaningful gifts which will help them remember your wedding day for years to come. So, good luck wooden elephants are the best method to prove your guests that you put some thoughts into choosing your wedding favors. Furthermore, an elephant symbolizes long life, power, patience, wisdom and good fortune.

Henna Hand Chocolate Bars
Offering your guests beautiful and delicious treats can be one of the best wedding favors ideas. Everyone likes chocolate, so you can be confident that you will surprise your beloved ones in a great way by choosing to offer them this delicious treats. We recommend you to personalize each favor by adding a label with a special message for each couple. That way you can be sure that you will bring a smile upon each one of your guests’ face.

Golden Box Photo Holder

An exotic Indian wedding decor must be completed with some favors that can add an extra sparkle to the ambiance. So, we recommend you to opt for some useful Indian wedding favors that can serve two purposes. Your guests can use these gifts to place their favorite photos on top of the box, but they can also use the box to store small precious trinkets. If you want to add some of your personality to your wedding favors, you can decorate them with beads and small mirror ornaments. In order to offer them a really nice surprise, you can put a candy in each one of the boxes.

Indian weddings usually include colorful decorations, so you don’t have to worry about matching colors, because opting for a mix of colors is the best way to express the Indian culture.