Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

As the wedding day is the most important day in the life of a young woman, it makes only sense that everything most be not only perfect but unique. However, most of the details of a wedding have already been generalized. For example, it is already established that the bride and the groom must give their guests symbolic gifts so that they can remember this special day. As countless weddings have taken place so far, it is almost impossible to come up with some unique wedding favor ideas. Nevertheless, you can give up the traditional candles, candy or cookies and choose some less than ordinary wedding favors. Today, we will seek to inspire you with some special wedding favors.

  • Family recipes

If the bride and the groom have any special family recipes, they can share them with their guests. For example, some unique wedding favor ideas involve gifting the guests mason jars, filled with the ingredients for a cake along with a vintage label inscribed with the cake recipe. While this idea has been used before, the uniqueness of the family recipe will also make the wedding favor idea unique. You can also give the guests jars filled with jam, prepared after an old family recipe.

  • Homemade wedding favors

If you have decided to settle for nothing else than unique wedding favor ideas, we advise you to forget all about mass produced souvenirs and decorations and give your guests some homemade gifts. With some basic ingredients and a little inspiration, you can do all types of wedding favors. Homemade candles are very easy to do and they are one type of gift that your guests will definitely use instead of throwing away. Bath salts are also a nice gift and so it potpourri.

  • Personal messages

Basically, if you attach a personal note to a wedding souvenir, it will instantly turn into a unique wedding favor. For example, you can give your guests cute envelopes, filled with plant seeds and inscribed with “love blooms” messages. You can give them honey or jam jars inscribed with the “love is sweet” message. Bottles with messages are also popular wedding favor choices, especially for summer weddings. These favors are even more special if the message inside the bottle features the bride and groom’s love story.

  • Useful items

If you really want your guests to keep your wedding favor for many years, make sure to give them something that they can use around the house. Some of the most unusual wedding favors that we have ever seen consisted of sets of coasters, cheese plates, spoons, salt and pepper shakers and so on. All of these seemingly normal items can be turned into wedding favors if you inscribe them with the bride and groom’s name.