Wedding Favor Ideas for Any Theme

When planning a wedding, the first thing that you must decide upon is the main wedding theme. Once you pick a theme, you must make sure that all the elements of the wedding will match that theme, including the wedding favors. However, a few simple wedding favor ideas can apply to all types of weddings. Furthermore, most of these ideas are easy to use and quite inexpensive.

  • Candles

These might seem like a less inspired idea, but candles make for great wedding favors. They can be personalized in order to match any theme and they are an element that most of the guests will use (unlike decorative souvenirs that most people end up throwing away). If you are planning a budget wedding, you might also consider homemade candles which are very easy to do. All you have to do is purchase the wax and the fuses and pick a favorite type of candle. You can pour the wax in an oven pan and fix in the fuses every 3 inches. When the wax is almost dry, use heart shaped cookie shapes in order to cut the fax into heart shapes. These types of candles are very cheap and they make for great wedding favors.

  • Cookies and candy

As most people can’t say no to sweets, cookies and candy are some of the best wedding favor ideas. Both are inexpensive and can be wrapped in countless ways. Paper boxes or paper cones are great for wrapping candy and so are tulle or plastic pouches. Cookies can be wrapped in a similar way and they have the extra benefit that they can be easily personalized. For example, you can choose heart shaped cookies inscribed with the names of the bride and the groom.

  • Original wedding favor ideas

If you want to surprise your guests pleasantly, you will have to put some thought into choosing the perfect wedding favors. One of the funniest wedding favors that we have ever seen is the hangover kit which is basically a bottle of water tied on to a little pharmacy bag containing a couple of aspirins. Furthermore, you can make any type of wedding favor original if you just add a personal message to it. You can even give your guests tea bags as long as you inscribe them with a cute message such as: “we’re a perfect blend”. Honey and jam jars are also great wedding favors and they are particularly more adorable when they feature romantic messages.