Wedding Favors Beach Theme

The beach is one of the most romantic natural environments. As such, it is no wonder that most people choose the beach as the location for their wedding ceremony or even their wedding party. A beach themed wedding doesn’t necessarily have to take place at the beach, although that would be ideal. However, you can incorporate beach decorations in an indoor wedding as well. Whether or not your wedding reception will take place on the beach, you will definitely find these wedding favors beach theme ideas to be very inspiring.

  • Sand and shells

Sand and shells are an essential part of the beach decor therefore, they are the main decor elements in beach theme weddings. As far as the wedding favors beach theme ideas go, you can use sand and shells in order to make homemade candles that your guests will definitely appreciate. If you are skilled in the art of candle making, you might also want to try shaping your candles in order to make them look like mini sand castles. You can also make beach mini terrariums in mason jars.

  • Bottled messages

These are by far the most popular wedding favors beach theme ideas. They are also very easy to make. All you have to do is buy some miniature bottles and place a message in them. Tie a hemp string around the bottle cap in order to make the bottle look older. As far as the message goes, you can print it on aged paper which you can find at craft stores or you can age the paper yourself by dipping it in diluted coffee. The message can be generic (a romantic story or a funny anecdote) or it can be a personal Thank You message from you to your guests.

  • Miniature beach decorations

As the wedding industry has developed a lot in the last years, nowadays, you can find different beach related mini decorations such as mini beach chairs, mini flip flops and so on. However, we must warn you that when it comes to decorative wedding favors, most guests are not in the habit of keeping them. In order to make sure that your guests will keep the wedding favors, you have to give them a functionally purpose. Mini beach decorations can be turned in key chain pendants. If you can’t find beach related key locks, simply drill a hole in beach related decorations. Just make sure that the decorations are small enough in order to be used as key chain pendants.