Wrapping Ideas for Wedding Favors

When it comes to wrapping ideas for wedding favors, it is important to understand that the package is just as important as the inside, sometimes even more important. For example, most people choose to give their guests symbolic elements such as candy or cookies. However, these seemingly simple wedding favors can look very cute and stylish, if they are wrapped properly. Today, we will give you some guidelines in order to help you find the best wrappers for your wedding favors.

  • Mason jars

The adorable mason jars that we all have around the house are one of the best wrapping ideas for wedding favors. They can be filled with honey, jam, cake ingredients or any other homemade edible gifts. They can even be filled with soil and seeds in order to give the guests a green gift that they can plant in honor of your wedding. Furthermore, they do not require a lot of embellishments as they are already quite cute. A vintage label and a twine knot are simple details that add to the charms of the mason jars. Furthermore, as it is unlikely for anyone to have dozens or hundreds of mason jars lying around the house, fear not as these jars are quite cheap and easy to procure.

  • Paper wrappers

If you are skilled in the art of crafting, you probably know that paper is one of the most versatile wrapping materials which can be shaped in countless ways. For fancy events such as a wedding, it is best to chose colored hard paper. You can use it in order to make gift shaped boxes or paper cones. candy can easily be wrapped in crepe paper which can be shaped either in roles or in pouches.

  • Vintage linen

You don’t have to plan a rustic wedding in order to use vintage linen as a decorating element. This shabby-chic fabric can be used in order to make adorable pouches for wedding favors. You can use it in order to wrap plant seeds, coffee beans, potpourri or any other homemade favors.

  • Tulle pouches

Tulle is the universal wrapper for wedding favors. It can be used in order to wrap most types of wedding favors and it complements any type of wedding theme. It is one of the most common wrapping ideas for wedding favors and it is also extremely cheap. Tulle favor pouches can be bough from wedding shops or they can be made at home with minimum effort. All you have to do is buy a few yards of tulle, cut it in square or round shapes and use thin ribbons or satin strings in order to tighten the pouches.